Creating Your Owner's Manual

A Certification Course for Reading the Stars

Welcome to the Course that takes you through your very own cosmic journey through YOUR star map, going step by step into the sacred journey of your divine blueprint (owner's manual) 

This course is designed to be a personal journey for you to deep dive into your own star map, or use it as a guide for your own practice and helping others decipher their life's path through their chart. 

Each class will focus on specific markers in your star chart helping you to find the places the archetypes of the planets are influencing you, so you can begin to step into the creators seat of being the Higher Mind of your life. 

This is more than a simple chart reading explanation. This is an intensive journey that is designed to take you one your own personalized initiation. This four part series guides you past the threshold to find past life memories and karma that may be keeping you from you Souls Purpose so that you can bring back the wisdom from within and be the you you came here to be.  

Each course comes with resources and documents to help you contemplate this journey as you go along as well as Q & A available at the end of each class.  Class Videos are available for you to watch and come back to as many times as you like. 

Class topics include Soul Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Starseed Astrology, Gnostic and Esoteric Wisdom Teachings and Galactic History. 

Course curriculum

    1. Getting Your Charts in Order

    2. Marking Your Charts

    3. Types, Inner Authories & Profiles

    4. What the Lines Mean to You

    1. Entrance Pillars Earth & Sun

    2. Your Destiny & Incarnation Cross

    1. Chakras, Planets and the Influence of Archons

    2. Ego and the Moon

About this course

  • $555.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

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Becca Bee Lynn

Ascension Guide

Becca Bee is an Ascension Guide and Evolutionary Galactic Astrologer, specializing in trauma release, blueprint repatterning and self-empowerment. Through Soul Coaching, QHHT, Human Design and Quantum Astrology, her joy is guiding through the “owners manual” of our divine blueprint, and bringing to light the knowledge that we once knew.