Have You Ever Questioned Your Life's Purpose?

Do you ever feel like you are ready for this to be your last lifetime here on Earth? Or that if you come back to Earth, that you want to make sure you can make other choices?

Take the Journey of the Legacy of the Soul

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Existence and Embrace Life's Ultimate Journey with Unparalleled Passion!

    Are you on a quest to uncover the grand design of your life? 

    Do you feel like there is so much more to this reality and the memories are just out of reach?

    Have you ever questioned if you actually chose to be here in this lifetime?

    Are you passionate about being able to choose where you are born next time? 

    Do you want to make sure you don’t just reincarnate again on Earth without a choice? 

    Do you yearn to connect with a purpose that resonates with the very core of your being?

If these are questions you feel in your soul, then this course is for you!

Embark on an extraordinary online odyssey that transcends the mundane and catapults you into the realm of soulful enlightenment. Our master class is not just a course; it's a transformative experience that will guide you through the profound narrative of your soul's odyssey.

From the ancient wisdom of the Lemurians and Atlanteans to the modern search for meaning, this 8-part series is a deep dive into the essence of existence. We'll explore the sacred art of living and dying with dignity, honor, and joy, unraveling the mysteries of our origin, our purpose, and  the timeless voyage beyond the veil of death.

This is not a mere contemplation of the end but a celebration of life—a journey to honor our loved ones, prepare for our soul's graduation, and contemplate the indelible legacy we aspire to imprint upon the world.

With engaging projects, transformative exercises, and invaluable resources, we'll illuminate the path to a life lived with unbridled joy and love. This sacred segment of our existence will be revealed, allowing us to thrive in the present, fully alive and exuberantly present.

This master class is a clarion call to all visionaries, seekers, and enlightened souls ready to ascend to the next plateau of awareness. It's about embracing the full spectrum of life with the wisdom of the ages, celebrating the precious gift we are destined to share with humanity.

Join us now and step into a life lived not in the shadow of the inevitable but in the light of the eternal. This is your time to shine, to live more Alive! in the now, and to discover the profound joy of your soul's journey.

Enroll today and begin the most important journey of your life—the journey within.

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Map Your Souls Path and Make Your Life Path Your Choice!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Legacy of the Soul Masterclass

    2. Complete Legacy of the Soul Course Workbook

    3. How to Use This Platform & Log Into Zoom Classes

    4. Review of the 12 D Shield and How to Create It

    5. Outline of Maharic Shield (12D) from Keylonta

    6. Breathwork Technique

    7. Resources, Links and Suggestions to Support this Course

    1. Part One Class Video - Body, Soul & Spirit

    2. Class One Powerpoint Slides

    3. How the Etheric Body Moves into the Physical Body - Chakras & Glands

    4. Layers of our 15 D Body Image

    5. Sekhmet & the Five Bodies

    6. Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan

    7. Class One Q&A

    1. Part Two Class Video - Karma, Miasma, Shadow and Breaking Free

    2. Class Two Powerpoint Slides

    3. Be the Light in the Void Meditation

    4. Tonglen & Clearing Process

    5. Chakra Yoga Book

    6. Class Two Q& A

    1. Part Three Class Video - Doorways of Our Consciousness

    2. Chakras As Doorways Manual

    3. Yogananda Quotes on the Chakras - Holy Chakras

    4. 112 Meditations of Shiva that Buddha Used To Awaken

    5. Diving Deeper Into The Power of Tonglen

    6. Class Three Powerpoint Slides

    7. Class Three Q & A

    1. Legacy Class Four Video - Past Life Review in the Now

    2. Darkness Technology, Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment

    3. Class Four Powerpoint Slides

    4. Class Four Q & A

    1. Legacy Class 5 Video - Realms, Bardo's and Where To Go

    2. Class Five Powerpoint Slides

    3. Class 5 Q & A

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  • 42 lessons
  • 22 hours of video content

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Becca Bee Lynn

Ascension Guide

Becca Bee is an Ascension Guide and Evolutionary Galactic Astrologer, specializing in trauma release, blueprint repatterning and self-empowerment. Through Soul Coaching, QHHT, Human Design and Quantum Astrology, her joy is guiding through the “owners manual” of our divine blueprint, and bringing to light the knowledge that we once knew.


  • Is this course something I can do at my own pace or is it interactive?

    This is a course that you get to do at your own pace. As an online learning curriculum, you can take as long as you like with each module to integrate the information and go though the Legacy Projects.

  • If I have questions or need help understanding some of the course material, is there a way to ask questions?

    Absolutely! Each module has ways to leave comments or ask questions. No matter when you take this course, you can always interact with me and ask questions, I am here! You can also use the email on the instructor profile or you can use the contact form on www.withBecca.com


“Thank you so much for the Legacy course! It’s so meaningful to me. I never wanted to get pushed back into another crazy human life and for a long time now felt like I wasn’t, so with what I learned and will continue to learn I feel like I can truly chart my own course now and really won’t end up back here again.”


“Dear Becca, Thank you for sending the new course link for Legacy of the Soul. I feel so incredibly blessed to have taken this course. Without the knowledge and insight gained, I would have been unprepared for the bardo journey and probably would have fallen into many of the traps along the way. What you've made available through the Legacy course is a pearl of great price, your own life's gift of refining and clarifying what it means to "die right." How to thank you for such a gift! I sincerely hope that many will discover the Legacy Course. Now more than ever, it is vitally needed. Thank you, too, for the completed workbook. Besides containing so much valuable information, it's a work of beauty and art. I feel so fortunate to know you and to be benefitting from all that you give. I'm steadily making my way through all of your videos. Each one is a masterpiece of wisdom and love, and I'm in a continuous state of awe and gratitude as I watch and listen. Beloved higher Self, I love You and I thank You for putting me in touch with Becca. It's one of the most important things that has ever happened to me. ”


“The Legacy of the Soul Course was indeed a master class and deep dive into what it means to have a soul, a higher self and karma. We extrapolated that knowledge into our transition from this earth sphere and gained tools for how to navigate the bardos. The practical guide to preparation for end of life was filled with ideas I had never considered. The sheer volume of material covered including chakra study guides, galactic heritage resources, and loka diagrams and descriptions were some of my favorites. Making this info lifetime accessible for the course fee was an offer I could not resist and am so glad to have taken this life changing course! You truly are a teacher one waits a lifetime to find, and I am so blessed to have found you. ”

D.M. Ramos