About the Soul Circle Community

This is a Sacred Circle for discussing all things Soul Based Life. If you are enrolled in one of the courses, had a session with Becca, or connecting through YouTube, Welcome!

The Soul Circle Community is a safe space to ask questions and connect with other like minded souls living their soul's purpose here on Earth just like you.

Here is the place to keep updated on upcoming Live Q&A's and more.


TO JOIN: Click Here to Sign up and log into the SBL thinkific platform. 

(You don't have to buy a course to be part of the Circle)

Some of the topics include:

*Stepping out of negative mind programming

*Daily Practices to become a sovereign being

*Deleting and Revoking Contracts, Programming and Teachings

*Working with our Akashic Records and Updating them.

*Understanding our true history and learning Galactic History

*Working with Dreams

* Stepping into the Truth of Who You Are!

Soul Based Life

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